daylight fog lake landscape

Fibromyalgia is a difficult illness to describe and live with, because it encompasses so many variables. The photo I have chosen illustrates this well; it feels like you are climbing waterfalls most of the time.

Briefly, it affects the skeletal muscles throughout the body, causing varying degrees of pain. The pain ranges from day to day and is affected by temperature, stress and the amount of physical activity. A range of different types of pain is also common; these can range from sharp stabbing pain, an ache and a burning pain. Other symptoms that can be experienced are fatigue, poor sleep quality, stiffness, IBS, headaches, cognitive problems “Fibro fog”, depression, dizziness, anxiety and painful periods.

Have a look at the NHS description of fibromyalgia,  and links to support groups and the online community.

UK Fibromyalgia is a brilliant site that covers a wide range of information about fibromyalgia. Also Fibromyalgia Association  is a registered charity that provides information and help to sufferers.


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